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Yes! Good Stories...lots of them!

1. The Story behind Posirock?
2. The Story behind "Just Give Me Some Time" CD title?
3. Humor, Bloopers and Cheers?
4. Studio Stories? How were songs written or recorded?
5. Choosing which CD tracks made the cut?
6. Playing with other cats/guest artists?

A special interview with the artist-songwriter, musician, producer, Tim Mainka


First of all, what's the story behind Posirock? Being the leader to pioneer a new genre of music is incredibly fascinating.

Read more at Posirock.comClick here! 


What's the story behind the CD title? What's the CD about?

Ha-ha, the joke can be like, 'just give me some time' to finish the CD already! Yes, the eagerly anticipated release has been pushed back a lot more than I would have wished. Also, now it can be 'just give me some time' to strike the next chord for the next CD <chuckles>

When you listen to the title track, at times I sing
"Just give me some time...to live the dream"

In this song, it's that positive determination to make dreams come true and break free from or overcome whatever is holding you back. And that confidence of, "All I need is some good time."

I did not intend a theme to the CD. However, if anything, the songs are good examples of the Posirock genre. The title track is a good example of Posirock lyrics:

"Just watch me shine and decline from the rotten rat-race-track
Gotta stop wasting time, can't refine all the ashes in the past
Today's the day to find the way now, weeks are flying fast
I want the dream so supreme, oh I want my freedom back
Yes, I'll break free my mind
Just give me some time"

By the way, lyricists may appreciate the less popular ABBA rhyme scheme on line ends, (similar in 1st verse too), and trying to find all the internal rhymes that amazingly came together.

Song lyrics like these exemplify the Posirock attitude well. And then there's that positive energy in the music too. That is also a very important attribute of Posirock music.

You see, by absorbing positive frequencies and affirmations, we can energize and help manifest positive thoughts, positive realities and the positivity of such success. If we choose to embrace the negative and saturate our minds with negativity, we set ourselves up for failure...or worse, nourish seeds of sadness, depression and despair.

Oh also, another song on the CD, Fly Your Spirit High, has that encouragement with lyrics such as "Fly your dreams real high...now's the time before you die."

Plus, I have another song I can't wait to record that is about making all your dreams come true and overcoming the naysayers. That will definitely be on the second CD. I also have a song I've written probably two years ago now, called, "I'm Still Dreaming Now" which expresses that perseverance and determination to find a way to make it all happen. By the way, I noticed my King's X influence come out a bit in that song...just a bit in the vocal part...perhaps a tinge from the song "Sometime" from the King's X album Ear Candy, although, the old version has been rewritten and maybe not so much anymore.

So King's X has been a big influence on your music?

I would say King's X has been a big part of my early rock roots, although, I really don't think my music sounds like theirs...maybe some glimmers here and there. That's what's funny sometimes when people hear or guess influences, because even when a band has been a big influence, they sometimes do not guess that band...such as King's X since no one has ever suggested that as an influence to me before... and then I've heard other bands suggested as being part of my influences and yet those are bands that I never really got into or sometime even heard or heard of!  <laughter> like the Raspberries one reviewer suggested that my song "It's All About Love" reminded him of. <laughter> I like raspberries <laughter>...the fruit...but until they mentioned, I never even heard of them, so it's hard to imagine how they could have influenced me...at least directly.

3. Bloopers Humor and Cheers

Tim, I hear that there is quite the blooper story around the production of “Just Give Me Some Time”. Would you like to let the cat out of the bag.

<grin> Well first of all the biggest one has to be, get this headline:

"Rare Ty Tabor Tim Mainka Blooper Mix achieves sonic freedom!"
- Very Limited CD singles only available on eBay. Hurry buy it now!

Oh man, I was shocked when I first discovered the blooper mix that I sent to Ty Tabor for mastering. The evening after I mailed the final mixes, I was listening to all the tracks again and during "The Light" my jaw dropped in astonishment. By some software glitch I somehow ended up with extra surprise gong hits. Yes, two obnoxious gong hits
near the end of the track that totally disturbed the peace...literally because it's during the peaceful ending of that song.

So I sent the replacement mixes the next day and emailed Ty the previous night to give him a heads up, but unfortunately that email never got through. Ty acknowledged and thanked me for 'heads up' but it was my original email with some track notes for mastering that he actually was thanking me for. So when he thanked me for 'heads up', I thought he acknowledged the blooper and there would be no mix up. So later I got the final masters but with the blooper version of "The Light".

I thought I had a good story to tell about a literal last minute addition to that song by adding the one gong hit (in the the middle of the song at the top of the build up)...Yes, literally a last minute event before going to send at the Post Office and it then turned into quite the humorous blooper.

It's quite obnoxious to hear, although if you did not know, at the same time it almost appears as if maybe they were intended because the first hit almost sounds on beat but slightly off, but the second hit is incredibly ridiculous. Ha-ha, would you still believe it, that percussion was my first instrument I learned. <laughter> After receiving the blooper mixes, when I talked to Ty about it, his reaction was funny. He says to me,

"ya know.. I was really wondering what the artistic goal was with those gongs. They really woke me up first time around."

<laughter> Indeed...really startled me. Not sure I want to ever release those bloopers as they are quite embarassing...well not really because of being unintended. It actually will be good for some good laughs for many years to come. I teased Ty that since he now has a copy of the rare blooper track, that maybe he could add something of his own in there and then I joked about envisioning the eBay headline:

"Rare Ty Tabor Tim Mainka Blooper Mix achieves sonic freedom!"
- Very Limited CD singles only available on eBay. Hurry! Buy it now!

4. Studio Stories

Any other notable stories from studio sessions?

Recording "It's All About Love" live in the "Sonic Freedom Parallel Universe Arena" has its...well, allow me to make up a word, fun-ability. The idea being that somewhere in a 'parallel universe', that live concert happened with me playing each instrument, acting as the whole band all at once. <laughter> I guess the theory would allow for this to happen in a parallel universe. It's just amusing to play with these ideas.

Also notable is that, originally I made this song as a live version but then made it more 'intimate and honest' because some industry review, (though not exactly for this song), suggested to go for that more honest intimate up-close sound as opposed to the big arena/stadium sound typical of the eighties.

So I later decided to follow that advice and made a clean, up-close, honest studio version...however, in the end, I went back to the excitement of the live version as the final for the CD. Gotta be true. However, for a limited time, I thought I'd offer the clean version as a free mp3 download as one of seven special bonuses when you buy the CD now.

How did you write the songs?

Well, for now let's just say, straight from the heart. <smile> Being artistically true - big part of what Sonic Freedom is all about.

How did you record the songs?

Well, in general, it's hard disk recording with pretty humble gear, yet with some incredible results considering. Ty Tabor mentioned being impressed with the overall consistency of the mixes I gave compared to some other indie projects he has worked with.

For what it's worth, when I recorded the vocals for "Destiny Saved", I only used a dynamic mic but got decent results. I used a shure SM58. Surprising, but not by choice because that was prior to actually owning a large diaphragm condenser microphone.

For those on low budgets but with great talent, don't ever let that discourage you from recording or pursuing your dream. To prove the point that you can make great things happen with humble gear, aside from me using a nice American Fender® stratocaster, '94 vintage, I pretty much just used a humble Zoom 505II Guitar multi-effects processor for my electric guitar sound and solos!

Hey, the bottom line is a good song and the talent to drive it. And all the fancy gear in the world won't do you any good if the talent or good song is not there.

So stick to your passion of your musical gifts and let that fly you high with whatever you humble tools you may have at the current time. Nothing is stronger than talent and a good song. If you are a "golden egg-laying goose", you need not worry too much about how quickly you can attain the best gear to make it happen. Remember the golden egg-laying goose has more power than the golden egg...and the wise man will go after the goose, not the golden egg.

5. Choosing titles?

How did you choose the tracks on your CD?

Well, I just flowed with the muse of inspiration. I wish I had more time to finish other tracks but some of those will be on the second CD or even later because I've written other newer stuff that for certain needs to go on the next CD. <big grin>

6. Tell us about your interest in guest artists and specifically how Laura's song became part of the debut Sonic Freedom CD?

Though I enjoy incredible passion and power performing and producing all as Sonic Freedom, I very much enjoy and I am open to special guest artists. Maybe even Lenny Kravitz one day. Having made parallels already, that would be really cool <big grin> to jam some 'sonic freedom' with him. I hope to do side projects with other pop/rock star influences. I am working with some of my music students on the side. There's a lot of hidden talent out there. And sometimes the music industry can neglect or reject hidden musical genius. I will do my best to help select and expose deserving hidden talent at the future RockDream.com directory.

Laura song touched me at the right time, so I simply asked if could arrange some other sonic treats and put it on the CD. She was thrilled. I am grateful for her and her song. She originally just had voice and piano. On one of her original recordings which I used, one of her cats faintly made some bell noise during a quiet section. With all my other instrumentation, you can't hear it but, nonetheless for what it's worth, we have an additional sonic cat guest performer on the track. <laughter>

Laura Kat!

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