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"Working in the music industry has never shown me the type of healthy positive and honest way that Tim and Sonic Freedom work! This is something that everyone needs to know about. If you're involved in music you need to be a part of Sonic Freedom! My next release will be with Sonic Freedom (Records)!
Tim, You Rock!" - Mojozap, Leo Milner

Sonic Freedom

Sonic Freedom Records was established as part of the Sonic Freedom LLC business network in Michigan, USA, July 2003, by founding member, Tim Mainka. After much success, Sonic Freedom LLC was crime victimized, plus tortiouosly interferred with, which caused business accounts (and business) to close end of 2012.

Now, Sonic Freedom s.s.m., offers Tim Mainka's God-Gifted talents through private unincorprated religious music ministry.

Tim Mainka is a highly respected private and group instructor for guitar, bass, uke, keyboard, drums, plus more in Michigan, , Illinois, Wisconsin. For more info on music lessons, guitar lessons, bass lessons, drum lessons, and music instruction in Greater Grand Rapids, MI and Holland, Michigan area, click here.

Sonic Freedom Records and Tim Mainka desire to unleash rare precious recordings written in freedom. Yes, sonic liberation from all undesirables and limitations that we know can infiltrate the creative process.

It takes courage to pioneer. Tim Mainka is not afraid to stand out from the crowd or the music industry in boldness and artistic freedom without worrying about the fads that are here today and gone tomorrow.

As Lenny Kravitz free mp3 downloads lyrics fly away lady music song
says, "Are You Gonna Go My Way" american woman lyrics

Are you gonna go the 'sonic freedom' way?

Sonic Freedom records is dedicated to sonic liberty; to uncovering, unleashing and preserving artistic freedom for humanity's ultimate sensational blessings.

To contact Sonic Freedom Records:

Mail:     Sonic Freedom s.s.m.
c/o general Post, Waukesha, Wisconsin. America.

Ph0ne:     {616}249~0020 {EST}
M-F: 10am - 2:00pm
F@X: {616}249~0020 {EST}
E-mail:     click here

The dye is cast for positive history to be made: Posirock.com


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