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"...pop-laced rock with a big sound and uplifting message."
John Sinkevics, Grand Rapids Press

"The best fresh new music I've heard in years! From a touch and texture that few guitarist achieve Tim weaves a soulful mixture of music that is alive and very real. This music crosses many boundaries and is a reflection of an artist with limitless talent. Just Give Me Some Time is real and as close to the heart as a musician can go without being right there with you. Fresh and full of life and hope it is time to open up this new realm of "Posirock" to the world!"
Leo Milner, RockHits.net - Rock Hit's where music meets the net!"

"Yeah man! Even though it's a bit indulgent instrumentally, thanks for being the most refreshing sound this writer has heard on Makeastar.com for quite some time! Rich, flowing, creative and energetic, this track cuts through several musical genre barriers and comes out the other side in its own bag.

Thanks again for reinventing the vibe...your group should have no problem garnering the attention it deserves for long enough to sustain several offers to record for, publish, license, and release many of your works into the world markets.
Sale (Sail) on!...You should be well on your way to success soon.
Keep on crankin' out the hits!"
- Zip, MakeAStar.com

"I have listened to Sonic Freedom's Just Give Me Some Time many times, and I find, without a doubt, the songs embody sonic freedom. The instrumental virtuosity is a joy to listen to, the voice and lyrics are are passionate, powerful and uplifting; never platitudinous or saccharine. Sonic Freedom has created and typified the new genre, Posirock. I look forward to hearing more from this artist." - Elaine Perry, ElainePerry.org

"I enjoyed your playing very much...I'm sure your talents will take you far." -
world renown bassist, Billy Sheehan
Mr. Big , David Lee Roth , Steve Vai, Niacin, Talas) 
"You have a unique sound...there is a lot of invention in all these parts...the playing is spirited and accurate...the vocals adds a further musical dimension...your lyrics rock...you have real spirit in your voice, in addition to a good sense of timing and pitch...you express a feeling in depth...the overall effect is solid." - Curtis Lowell, MakeAStar.com
"You have a lot of talent as a multi-instrumentalist and producer. Your writing is fresh and passionate." - SongU.com
"Your skills are clearly there: you can play multiple instruments, write melodically-catchy songs and sing quite well. The vocals, guitars and bass are all really good technically. The lead guitar solo was really impressive. If you are playing all the instruments I’m really impressed. Usually I can tell if this is the case, but this sounds pretty much like a band. Nice work!" - OrphanEddie, MakeAStar.com

"I am deeply moved when I hear your music-- the immense passion, the lyrical beauty and the power of your music, I find so memorable. You have the divine spark, the indescribable quality we sometimes call 'star quality.'
I can foresee a day when the treasure that is your music is no longer a secret. As Eleanor Roosevelt once said, 'The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.' "
- Elaine Perry

"I was looking for inspirational music with a kick @ss sound-man, you rock! You've got it all. I was at a low point in my life and you lifted me up right out of the trenches of despair." - Kyle W.

"I have every bit of confidence that you're gonna "make it" some day--God's timing, not ours. You've got the whole package....guitar talent, voice, great songs, personality, charisma, and seem to be very highly motivated and driven. Hard-to-beat package my friend; I can already see you on Jay Leno's show!" - Dan M

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